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Rural Village

Real Estate Photography 

and Videography

Get a unique perspective on a property by capturing high resolution photos or videos to elevate your property portfolio to another level.


Ireland Aerial Imagery can offer you the opportunity to acquire high resolution photographs and 4K Ultra HD video footage, elevating your properties on the likes of Daft and Using the latest in UAV technology, give your potential customers a unique, eagle-eye view of the properties in your portfolio. Flying up to 400ft, capture the full potential and beauty of any property and its surroundings.


Ireland Aerial Imagery offers these services to clients at very competitive rates. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss what Ireland Aerial Imagery can do for you.

Real Estate Photography: Services

While Google Satellite imagery can provide good imagery in certain areas, outside of the main urban centres in Ireland this higher quality, useful imagery is very limited.


Ireland Aerial Imagery provides drone based photography as an alternative, affordable option to collect high resolution imagery for commercial and residential real estate. Give your perspective clients an eagle-eye view of potential investments, clearly showing the footprint and extent of the property or site they are interested in.

Aerial imagery affords the opportunity to clearly delineate the boundary of real estate. This is especially useful when dealing with larger estates or sites for sale. This type of imagery is perfect for advertising either online or in print..

Ireland Aerial Imagery can acquire these images and along with annotating the boundary can also put the site in the context of the surrounding environment.

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